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The Ultimate FAQ Guide to Xero Bulk Payments

What is a bulk payment?

A bulk payment is a feature that empowers businesses to efficiently settle multiple invoices or bills for various recipients, whether in domestic or multiple currencies, all in one go. This streamlined process not only saves time but also enhances financial efficiency


How do bulk payments benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)?

Bulk payments offer SMEs efficiency and convenience by reducing the time and effort spent on individual payments. This can improve cash flow management and simplify financial operations.


How do I send my first Xero bulk payment?

To initiate your first Xero bulk payment, you'll need to set up your bank accounts in Xero, select the bills or invoices you want to pay, choose the payment method, and verify the payment details before finalising the bulk payment.


How should I choose a payment method?

Xero offers various payment methods, including bank transfers and online payment platforms. The choice of payment method will depend on the recipient's preferences and the payment's urgency.


Can I make bulk payments in different currencies using Xero?

Xero currently lacks support for bulk payments in foreign currencies. However, you can seamlessly address this limitation by harnessing the power of tools like HedgeFlows, which enable you to efficiently process bulk payments in Xero across a wide range of currencies.


Is there an additional cost associated with using Xero bulk payments?

As well as the price of Xero’s software, additional costs, such as transaction fees, may apply depending on your choice of payment method and the agreements you have with your bank. This is particularly true of foreign bulk payments, where you may be surprised by hefty bank fees.


Can I schedule recurring bulk payments in Xero?

Yes, Xero allows you to set up recurring bulk payments, which can be especially helpful for regular bills or payroll. Scheduling your bulk payments can improve vendor relationships, as well as save you hassle at month's end. 


What if there is an error in a bulk payment transaction?

If an error occurs, Xero provides options to amend or void the payment, ensuring you can rectify mistakes promptly. An integration can reduce the risk implicit in manual data entry and unscheduled bulk payments.


How does Xero handle reconciliation when I make bulk payments?

Xero automatically reconciles bulk payments with the corresponding bills or invoices. This reduces manual effort but may cause problems for foreign and bulk payments. Xero relies on exchange rates from, but when foreign currency invoices are eventually settled from your local currency account, Xero payments will employ actual exchange rates. This results in unrealised gains or losses which are magnified by the scale of bulk payments.


Is it possible to track the status of bulk payments in Xero?

Yes, Xero provides a tracking feature, allowing you to monitor the status of your bulk payments and ensuring you stay informed about payment progress.


Are there any issues I should know about using Xero in this way?

While Xero bulk payments offer significant advantages, it's crucial to be aware of potential bank transaction limits and associated fees to plan accordingly. From October 2023, Xero no longer supports batch processes for foreign currencies, a change that will affect bulk payments on the platform. Users making international payments must now individually process each transaction which will entail delays, manual errors, and additional time spent.


Can I automate my bulk payments with an integration?

Yes, Xero offers integrations with various apps and software that can automate bulk payments, providing even more convenience and efficiency. The Xero app store lists excellent reviews for HedgeFlows, the smart solution that helps SMEs and mid-market enterprises manage every aspect of their treasury operations including bulk payments. 


Can I use Xero bulk payments on a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, Xero is mobile-friendly, making it convenient to manage your bulk payments on the go through the Xero app or a mobile browser. HedgeFlows also has a mobile-friendly interface, letting you manage and approve invoices on the go. 


What is the future of bulk payments?

The future of bulk payments is characterised by fintech solutions that streamline and improve how businesses navigate accounting software like Xero. Learn more about HedgeFlows, the automated solution that lets you handle Xero bulk payments anywhere, in any currency with ease.