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How to process international business payments faster

HedgeFlows' mission is to make international growth simpler and safer for any business. Yet, if you deal with international payments regularly, you probably know that those are anything but simple.  
Unlike domestic transfers that are being streamlined and simplified by Open Banking, the international ones still rely on mundane and error-prone manual tasks - pretty much for most businesses. HedgeFlows can change this by integrating with your accounting and other systems and leveraging the data you already have.
Our clients can remove the need for double-entries and reduce the room for human errors - from creating payee details to processing payments in bulk.
We use contacts data in Sage or Xero to populate payment details
Most large value international payments are still done via the SWIFT network, which requires more details than most domestic payments, including payee’s addresses, bank codes and account details.  HedgeFlows sources this data automatically from your accounting system records, reducing the amount of data you need to add or check. 
Transfer the right amounts to pay the right invoices.
Typing invoice amounts and reference number is a mundane task no one likes to repeat so why double-enter them in your payments system? HedgeFlows imports the invoices due so you don’t have to worry about typos or selecting wrong details. Finally, you can simply pay an invoice in any currency with a click of a button. 
Bulk process in any currency
The HedgeFlows platform can do what the best bank platforms do in one currency except that we can do the same in any.  Select multiple invoices from your list and we will automatically combine them into transfers to relevant recipients, instantly doing the necessary math and verifications for you. 
Integrating popular accounting systems is a matter of several clicks on our platform. If you would like to discuss the benefits of such integration with our sales team, please simply book a call:
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