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HedgeFLows partners with Travelex

Our passion for helping people navigate the world of volatile exchange rates with confidence is now reaching new corners. Although we have kept this as a secret for a good few months, we've partnered with Travelex to bring all the benefits of secure exchange rates to UK holidaymakers.


The team at HedgeFlows has been closely working with Travelex, a market leading travel money brand, since the end of last year. Our common goal was to launch a product to provide customers with that extra peace of mind by protecting their travel money against currency fluctuations. 
And we're proud to say that the innovative product we've developed with Travelex is currently being used by UK customers who have booked a trip in the next few months.
How does the technology work? If you are thinking of taking a holiday abroad this year, you can now pre-order your travel money at the point of booking. What does this mean in practice? It means that for a small fee, customers who pre-order their currency for future trips are guaranteed to not lose out if the exchange rate worsens before their trip even starts. But if the rate improves during this period, customers will receive the better rate, a total win-win!
By securing your rate, you can get much needed peace of mind when planning a trip - it's all about convenience as well as knowing that you've protected the value of your holiday money regardless of what happens in the market.


You may be familiar with our focus on empowering UK SMEs to trade internationally with ease and confidence. But our technology is proving to be effective not just for innovative companies aspiring to grow overseas, but also for any of us planning a trip to a foreign country!
We're still working closely with Travelex to take this opportunity to new heights. And some of these future plans involve exploring further partnership opportunities with online travel agents and airlines to introduce the pre-ordering service into their booking journeys.
This partnership opens new doors for HedgeFlows, and we couldn't be more excited for the future.
Unfortunately, either approach is close in its robustness to flipping a coin - actual exchange rates in coming months or quarters will have a 50/50 chance of being higher or lower than these budget rates, with the difference sometimes being big enough to wipe out the company's profit margins.
If you'd like to know more about the technology, this partnership or our future plans to help people navigate the volatile world of foreign exchange rates confidently, please get in touch!.