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How to trade internationally and run your business in one currency

Businesses that trade globally usually have to choose between simple but risky and safe but complicated as alternatives for managing international finances.
Not surprisingly, 96% of small and medium-sized businesses start by choosing simple but risky - trade with suppliers or buyers in foreign currencies and take the risks and hassle of dealing with foreign currency amounts and associated currency swings (1).   Sooner or later many repent as they have to endure stress and losses due to adverse currency moves.
The remaining 4% go with the safer but more complicated way of planning and protecting their foreign cashflows from currency swings. However, this usually comes with manual processes and related mistakes and using legacy solutions from their banks and other providers. 
Rather than forcing our clients to choose between stress and sweat, HedgeFlows is a refreshingly simple way to keep your business safe. We simply let you turn any specific foreign currency cashflows into domestic ones without any drain of mental energy for your finance team, or working capital - for your business.
Step 1:  Connect HedgeFlows to your Xero, Sage 50 or another popular accounting system.  We automatically import your foreign currency invoices and calculate your risks and balances.
Step 2:  Choose which purchase orders, invoices or bills you wish to convert and simply prebook guaranteed exchange rates to lock their Sterling value with a few clicks.
Step 3:  When time is due, exchange the currencies at prebooked rates to get the exact Sterling values you were expecting. No surprise fees, risks or time wasted!
Because of our unique two-way integrations with the accounting software, the entire process becomes a well-coordinated, auditable workflow where contracts in foreign currencies can be seamlessly turned into Pounds Sterling, invoiced and paid in currencies and at the end - leave your cash balances where you expected them to be!
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(1) British Business Bank:  UK SME exporting trends: finance and trade (2020)